Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University successfully cooperates with domestic and foreign educational institutions in the aspect of mobility of scientific and pedagogical employees. So, in January-March 2022, the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University together with co-coordinators - the University of Warsaw (Poland), the Faculty of Law of the National Aviation University (Ukraine), the E-SCIENCE SPACE Company (Poland) and the Center for Strategic Innovation and Progressive Development (Ukraine ) organized an international internship for pedagogical and scientific employees "EUROPEAN LEGAL COMMUNICATION: FROM INSTITUTIONAL TO MEDIA DISCOURSE" (law, economics, psychology, education, information technology).
Participation in an international internship gave participants the opportunity to:
1) participate in webinars;
2) obtain a European certificate in the 5-ECTS format.
About 100 people took part.

From July to the end of September 2022 (in particular, the non-auditory/remote part took place from July 15, 2022 to September 17, 2022, and from September 17 to September 24 in Croatia) the Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University became a co-organizer of the international internship for pedagogical and scientific employees "NEW LAW AND ORDER OF (POST) COVID-19 WORLD: SOCIO-ECONOMIC IMPACTS, TOURISM AND EDUCATION (SEITE2022)" together with PAR UNIVERSITY (CROATIA), FACULTY OF TOURISM AND HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT THE UNIVERSITY OF RIJEKA (CROATIA), JURAJ DOBRILA UNIVERSITY OF PULA (CROATIA), NATIONAL AVIATION UNIVERSITY (UKRAINE), E-SCIENCE SPACE (POLAND) and CENTER FOR STRATEGIC INNOVATION AND PROGRESSIVE DEVELOPMENT (UKRAINE), INTERNATIONAL EDUCATIONAL CORPORATION (KAZAKHSTAN).
The PROGRAM covered:
international scientific and practical conference;
familiarization with the cultural heritage of Croatia;
meetings of scientists of Ukraine with their colleagues from EU countries;
comparison of the realities of the legal system of Ukraine and EU countries;
intercultural communication and exchange of experiences and discussions;
establishing contacts for future cooperation between Ukrainian and European scientists, educators, graduate students and students;
participation in professional trainings.
The AGENDA was:
Module 1. Organization of the educational process and student training programs in European universities.
Faculties and student training programs. Organization of the educational process. Internationalization and educational opportunities for students from other countries.
Module 2. Innovative technologies, scientific methodical and information support of the educational process.
Use of innovative technologies in the educational process.Academic mobility of students as an organic part of the educational process at the university.
Module 3. Training of scientists in Europe and opportunities for Ukrainian-European scientific cooperation
The specifics of scientific training. Writing a scientific paper and its publication. Student scientific schools and communities of young scientists.
Module 4. Science as the basis of the educational process - according to the direction of work of each participant.
About 100 people took part in this international internship, and as a result of the successful completion of the internship, they received certificates in the 6-ECTS format.

Currently, Yaroslav Mudryi National Law University is developing other interesting programs for international internships with our partners already on the basis of the Scientific and Educational Center for Professional Development "ATC". So stay tuned! It's always interesting and productive with us!

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Scientific and Educational Professional Development Center "ATC" (Advanced Training Center)